A Memorable Wedding in Lancaster

One of my childhood friends recently got married in a small town in Pennsylvania and I felt this was appropriate to include in the blog because of it being a weekend getaway from NYC. This couple is special because it stands for what I love and appreciate about America; different cultures and backgrounds coming together. My friend is from Russia and her now-husband is from India. Plus I’ve known my friend since we were 7 years old and she’s one of my dearest friends. We stayed in an adorable bed and breakfast, The Australian Walkabout Inn Bed & Breakfast, with a great hostess. The breakfast was of course delicious and the perfect touch as we were getting ready for the wedding.

Lancaster is an adorable town located about 1 hour away from Philadelphia. This town is known for the Amish people that make up a substantial portion of the population. The town is dotted with adorable farms and rolling hills. There are Amish buggies pulled by horses sharing the road with regular cars. And for the furniture lovers, plenty of Amish made furniture stores abound. This town is also becoming an ‘up and coming city’ with delicious restaurants and young adults laying roots. We explored a lot of what the town has to offer, but want to focus on the wedding in this post. With that said, I’d recommend visiting this charming town at least once in your lifetime!

Now here are some wonderful pictures from the wedding. Please feel free to leave any comments!

And their life begins by exchanging their vows.
I had to get a picture of the gorgeous couple before the night got carried away…
The decor had a rich feel to it to match the couple’s taste.
The bride and groom approaching their table
They finally get to sit down and eat. I bet they’re hungry after so much excitement!
This has to be one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen in my life.
The bride and groom changed into Indian wedding tradition style and began cutting the cake.
She’s such a beautiful person.. inside and out! This outfit is stunning along with her henna tattoos.
Delicious dessert!
I couldn’t imagine destroying such beautiful cupcakes.. but still managed to eat them anyways.
Beautiful touches throughout.
And the night finally came to an end. Warm wishes to the wonderful couple!