Obsessed with French Desserts

We are obsessed with French pastries and desserts; pretty much any type of french concoction out there. We are lucky enough to live in a city that offers so many of these desserts within a few miles from us. So we decided to go on a dessert kick and try out as many of the French dessert shops around us as possible.

It’s not just the dessert that we are obsessed with, it’s actually the country of France. We tend to gravitate towards the wine, dessert, and food of France. We love the French restaurants that NYC has to offer. We have yet to be disappointed by any of the food that the restaurants have to offer. We’ve also recently taken several wine classes that have exposed us to various wine regions of France, and I have to say, they are by far my favorite. There’s something about French wine that other countries cannot mimic. I love all wine though, but French wine is my favorite.

The history and culture of France also fascinates us. Our very first trip together was to Paris and we fell in love. We’ve talked about moving to Paris as well, but so far haven’t made the leap. But it can happen in the future! We eventually plan on taking a road trip through several vineyard regions in France. This is one of our bucket list items!

For now, we hope you enjoy the pictured desserts below that we immensely enjoyed eating in the various French dessert shops around NYC.


This was a shorter post for sure, but we wanted everyone to know how much we appreciate French culture and food. We have a passion for it and seek it out not only overseas but also in our city. Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the delicious dessert.

More travel posts to come for sure! We have several trips planned and have taken that still need to be posted 🙂