We are a couple in love with life currently living in New York City! We want to experience the world together and enjoy the luxuries that life presents. As you can see, we really believe that it’s better when we’re together, making adventures fun for each other! We (mostly me) want the best things in life and believe that it’s OK to splurge on things once in a while. This is where I want to chronicle all of our adventures into a blog and if you happen to stop by, we welcome you to explore the world with us! These adventures do not need to happen on the other side of the continent, they can happen in your own back yard! We encourage you to get inspired by what we do in and around our city; as well as around the world. You may even take away some tips for you next luxelifeadventure!

A couple things about us:

  • We both live and work in the New York City area
  • We have 3 pets; two dogs and a cat named Sammy, Daisy, and Lily
  • He works in technology and I work in HR (that means we have regular 9 to 5 jobs and still find the time to explore the world)
  • Our true passions are traveling, food, wine, exploring our city, and embracing our relationships with family and friends
  • When we travel, we love experiencing the culture of the place we visit
  • Unfortunately, with everything that goes on, I don’t have the time to post as frequently as I like so please bear with us as posts go up

With all of the travel that we do, it only makes sense that I review as much as I can. Please visit my reviews on TripAdvisor.com for suggestions and true opinions on all of the places we stay at, restaurants we eat at, and attractions we come across. My profile name is LuckyGirl0717. I also review various attractions and restaurants in Google Maps. You may come across some of my reviews on there as well!

I would also love if you left comments and shared any tips or adventures you may have had.