Weekend in Philadelphia

We decided that a weekend trip to Philadelphia would be a great option for the Memorial Day weekend in 2016. Since we live about 2 hours from the center of Philly, it worked out really well! We headed out on the Friday night after work and came back late on Monday night. We stayed at the Lowe’s Hotel in Downtown Philly which had a great location! Since we love walking everywhere, the Lowe’s Hotel accommodated us nicely in that regard.

This weekend trip wasn’t entirely planned out. There were several sites that we were interested in seeing while in town, but for the most part, we wanted to wing it. With recent hype about the city being the ‘next up and coming community’ to visit, we knew that we had to come before it became crowded with tourists.

I will say that the city holds a soft spot in my heart after visiting for a weekend. There are many beautiful parks throughout the city center, great restaurants, friendly people, and really cool history! If you’re a history buff in love with the founding of America, I’d definitely recommend a visit to this city. Taking some of the history tours is recommended as well since they point out some fascinating facts about the neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods worth mentioning are Old City, Rittenhouse Square, Society Hill, and South City.

Enough said! Now here are some wonderful pictures from that weekend 🙂

Our first night in the city, we happened upon a Chinese Festival
It was in a pretty park with fountains.
The next morning, we walked around the hotel and came upon some old buildings
Beautiful archway
And of course the famous Rocky steps that everyone tries to run.
Great picture from the steps of the Art Museum
There was a line of people waiting to take a picture with the Rocky Statue in front of the Art Museum.
I’m sure everyone’s seen this sign in movies…
Several parks spread throughout the shore with views of the bridges.
We had to relax at some point on one of the hammocks spread over the river. Such a great idea!
We walked by some cool glass art.
The artist spent decades creating glass art on various buildings throughout the city. So amazing!
Picture perfect cobble stone streets that date back to the 1600s! What a cute city!
More beautiful parks with historical statues.
The famous Liberty Bell is a must see!
And lastly, for all the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia show fans, you can go to a pub named after the bar in the show!

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