A Wedding

We were recently invited to a friend’s wedding that took place in Connecticut. The wedding ceremony and reception took place at the same venue. It was at Avery Point (old cottage looking building) that overlooked the Long Island Sound. The ceremony was performed outdoors surrounded by the setting sun (and sadly some clouds) and a small gathering of close family and friends. The reception was indoors with wonderful food and fun music!  Since we spent the night at the same hotel as the happy couple, we ended up partying after the wedding as well! Great memories were created with wonderful friends alongside us! Here are some pictures to share of the wonderful night we had.

Sometimes getting ready for a big event is just as fun as the actual event!
with a really close friend in tow.. we are ready for a wedding!
Even though it was chilly, we managed to enjoy ourselves with some pictures! (just look at that beautiful background.. I bet the wedding pictures turned out splendidly)
The anticipation of waiting requires many selfies…
And they continue with others involved!
Finally! The vows were personally written for each other. They were both beautifully written and showed how much love they had for one another. I’m sure many guests were brought to tears!
We all finally managed to get to our table and had to shoot some pictures before our food was served!
Wonderful memories!
The happy and married couple!
Had to get a picture with the couple! They were so gracious to have spared some moments in talking to us!
Another quick photo opp!
And of course.. the food was delicious!
And we managed to drink the night away!
And then off to the after party with the couple!

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