Birthday Surprise for HIM!

One of my favorite things to do in life is plan things out! I’m a huge planner and actually get anxiety when a vacation or something else doesn’t have a plan. That’s why when his birthday rolled around, I was really excited to surprise him with something. Knowing that he loves adventures (just as much as I do) and values experiences high, I decided that a birthday cruise around the city would be perfect. I picked a company that sails in March (it’s really hard to find ones that do since it is still cold outside) called Bateaux New York. I opted for the VIP package that allowed us to sit right in front of the windows. It also included dinner, a bottle of champagne, and a bouquet of roses. We set sail on his birthday for dinner and had a wonderful experience! I also bought him a drone that he had talked about forever (and I’ve yet to see him use it). Regardless, the look on his face when opening the gift was priceless! These are the moments that I love the most!

He’s so great! He loved every minute of it and this was his first ever cruise!
I obviously enjoyed it just as much 🙂
We had a great table that was set with pretty decorations (and seasoned oil for our bread)
The candle made a great picture with the champagne flute!
Beautiful roses for my special man!
We ended up on the deck for only a few minutes (freezing)!
Quick birthday kiss!
And we finished it off with a delicious cake as the sun went down.

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